AMOLED Plus Disadvantages Review

The Galaxy S2 i9100 uses AMOLED Plus screen, which is totally different from low cost pentile tech screen on Galaxy Nexus. Though you may think it have a more powerful performance, IT Geeg find some hands-on reviews say it could not worthy of its reputation.

1. A yellow appearance

Though the iPhone 4 screen is partially yellow, the GS 2 is more apparently.

2. Dark

In the auto mode, GS 2 is dark, which makes it not so comfortable . In the iOS, we can set brightness as our habitat.

3. Colour streaks

AMOLED Plus color streaks

If you open a pure color image, especially a gray image, you will see some streaks one the screen. I can’t ensure whether its a quality problem just happened on one phone or is a common problem. But I decided to change a new Galaxy S2 for a trial.

4. Color is too thick

i9100 color

Though I think color on iPhone 4 is too light, the Samsung GS2 displays too thick. It’s exaggerated when you open a face picture.

5. Lower Resolution

Some people may laugh at Retina having a high revolution which is higher than our eyes. But the GS 2 seems a difference. In the Full Page mode, we can see small font clearly in iPhone but it’s so weak in Galaxy S2. you can’t distinguish a small font without zoom it out in GS2. This will absolutely affect our experience when reading books or websites.