HTC One review

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The Android market is changing radically these years. We see many great Android phones with beautiful design or powerful hardware spec. Sure, we also get some surprise. The HTC One is such a surprise to us. The beautiful appearance with powerful hardware makes me very excited. So how about the real usages experience? Let’s look deep in to this HTC’s flagship.

Appearance & Display

HTC One Appearance

Regarding the hardware design, HTC One makes a great look out. The first eye on it makes me fall in love with this fabulous phone. HTC One uses aluminum alloy to make its case. All the side except the screen use meta. The whole case is made from a block of alloy. This makes the whole phone gorgeous.

At the front side, the telephone receiver or the microphone design is very fabulous. This makes the phone look so shining. The curving back case design and  the chamfer edge, make HTC One very soft when holding in one hand. However, with a 4.7 inch screen, it is not easy to touch the power button.

HTC didn’t name its 1080p screen with a name like “Retina” or so. But this screen looks great when lighting. 468 PPI is the top level screen. It makes display very clear, sharp and fantastic. The only shortage is this screen can not clearly show content under the sunshine.

This great screen is very suitable for watching videos or playing games. The front located speaker makes it even better. When holding the phone horizontal, the speaker can create a powerful stereophonic effect. And it is loud enough. The HTC One used a new feature called BoomSound to make the sound better.

HTC One Back case

Camara: “UltraPixel”

We have know the HTC uses so called UltraPixel CMOS. This new technology can makes better picture quality under same resolution. However, the 4.0 mega pixel resolution shocked me. How could it competete with 8.0 maga pixels iPhone5 or 13 mega pixels Xperia Z camera?

After tried it out, the HTC One proved itself. It makes great picture quality even under a dark environment. The Optical Image Stabilizer plays an important roles in it. HTC One also uses a new feature called Zoe on it. It will take 5 pictures before users really takes photo. And then it will take 15 pictures after user pressur the shutter. Then users can choose a best one. The following is an example:

HTC one picture sample

Performance & Battery

The HTC One uses the most powerful hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz quad core Soc, 2GB RAM, 32GB/64GB ROM and bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA, GPS and so on. All these specs makes the HTC One works in a great performance. It got 12189 under Quadrant benchmark, which is a double of most smartphones. In the real usage, HTC One is near perfect even playing Asphalt 7: Heat.

Compared to the great performance, the battery is ugly. The build in power save mode helps a little but it is in a result of weaken performance. The HTC One can not even run a whole day without charging.

HTC One Sense 5

The New Sense UI

I always think the stock Android is the best Android. The HTC Sense skin is bloated. It uses ugly icons and hurt the performance. But the new Sense also got some improvement. It uses Windows 8 for reference. HTC uses BlinkFeed, a Flipboard-like news reader that occupies your entire home screen. This is very convenient for users to find information but also hurt some people because the screen is full of information.

Sense 5 also improved other features like the multi-task switch interface or the notification system. The LED light near to headphone can notify new incoming calls or SMS.


HTC One is a great Android phone. It have good design. But the Sense UI is not so perfect. And if HTC One can improve its battery performance, it will be better.

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