Lenovo A60 Shortcomings Review

Lenovo A60 is the first MT6573-based  Dual Sim Dual Standby, Android 2.3.3 smartphone.  Let IT Geeg tell you the shortcomings of Lenovo A60.

lenovo A60 shortcoming review

1. Entity button is not so good. You have to force to make the button effect. A touch button should be much better.

2. A manufacturing problem exist between the screen and button. When you press the button, it will make creak.

3.  Viewing angle is small. And it is not so colorful under sunshine, which is much worse than Samsung’s.

4. Hot during charging or long time usage. It would affect phone service life.

5. Battery life is not so good.  It can not even support a whole day.

6. Game experience is not so good.

7. No place to hang decoration gadgets.

8. 265MB RAM is too small.

9. Video quality is so bad.

10. Camera is so bad as the revolution is just 3.2 mega pixels. It do not support change focal length. The picture quality is so bad. And there is no flashlight.

If you like play games or take photo, Lenovo A60 is not a good choice though it is cheap. And we think they should take action to improve the screen, battery and camera.