LG L7 Hands on

What will you remind if I’m going to talk about LG’s smartphone? You may think of the high quality IPS screen or the first dual core smartphone Optimus 2X. Anyway, LG’s PRADA serious is not in my mind because it is too costly. However, since the PRADA 3.0 (P940) released, LG transferred the design idea to their new products. The middle end LG L7 is one of these products inherited some ideas.

The selling points is the 8.7mm thickness & 4.3′ IPS screen. As this mobile phone focus on middle end market, it only uses Qualcomm MSM7227A 1GHz and 512MB RAM. It got about 3000 when tested by Antutu.

The back case is white. Though L7 uses plastic case, it won’t give you a bad feeling. It uses high quality material and manufacture process makes this case seems very good. Following is a comparison among iPhone 4, L7, Huawei P1 and Sony XPERIA S.

Huawei P1 has 7.69mm thickness and L7 is 8.7mm thick.

I think the L7’s volume button is better than XPERIA S’ after few press. However, the black plastic under the white case gives us a bad feeling.

The screen is very good. The 1GHz CPU can not offer great performance as we have predicted. It can not support a fluent operation.  However, L7 can run the build in browser and Chrome very fluently.

LG L7 uses its own app store: SmartWorld. I think this app store is very weak. You’d better to install a new app store on your LG7.