Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications Review


Samsung S3 now has a successor. On the 14th of March, 2013, Samsung’s Galaxy series launched the loaded S4 with an innovative design of the processor components and camera precision. You would be aware of the rumors about the efficiency of S4, but the device has proved all of them wrong by incorporating finer components of technical advancement.

How could you not be impressed by the products of Samsung Electronics? By blending advanced hardware space and innovative software components, Samsung Galaxy S4 is effectively elevating the value of mobile device utility. Samsung mobiles have won the hearts of millions of people through each of its models. By bringing together the look of a Smartphone and the features of a tablet, the newest venture of Samsung is the “phablet”. The popular instance of a phablet is Samsung Galaxy Grande.


Fundamental Features

  • The phone displays the immensely loved Nature UX which is primarily developed by TouchWiz which is nothing but the platform of Samsung’s touch screen developments.
  • You could also enjoy the highlight called High Efficiency Video Coding, which is a method to compress video files and transform them to other available multimedia formats. The type behind which the process takes place is MPEG, a multimedia & graphic standard.
  • The Mobile device is driven by 4 processors which are matched up with another processing center of higher power to bring about seamless operation. The 1.6 GHz termed Cortex A-15 is a processing center divided into four portions which are merged with the second 1.2 GHz processing center driving much more power. While the device is not being used or while the battery is being charged, the processing center does not pair up to operate. It is put to sleep mode. This is how the Octa-core processors work.
  • The Snapdragon of 1.9 Ghz is also an entity of the handset.
  • S4 measures 5 inches of height and records video files in sharper and crispier resolution of 1080pixels.
  • The Android Operating Interface is entitled 4.2.2 and its of the Jelly Bean version
  • The AMOLED display feature works on the basis of matrix enabled graphic mode which is an Organic Light Emitting Diode. The display of colors is sharp and vivid at the same time taking in very less power from the battery’s store
  • You can enhance the storage options from 16 GB of phone memory to 64 GB of removable memory.


S Voice

  • The device also has in house the highlight called S Voice , that is exceptional and en suite. It is a personal helper which lets you say something in your preferred language.
  • It then converts the vocal commands from your language and searches the equivalent through the program instructions containing history information for every little query that is typed out.
  • From this option, you would be benefitted to a large extent. It’s so very easy to access Facebook, Twitter and much more. Not just stopping with that, it also serves to be a Graphical User Interface set up.

Smart Scroll

  • S4 is geared up with the amazing feature where the user gets the option of halting the video while you are actually not watching it. The act of suspension happens when you are looking away or dozing off. The immediate resumption of the video begins as soon as you open your eyes or look at the video.
  • There is definitely no necessity to scroll every time you want to search for something on the phone.
  • The option to scroll is enabled with the movement of your eyes and this proves to be a descendant of the auto rotate option which lets you scroll with just moving between landscape and portrait views.

Air Gesture

  • Every time you want to operate on the mobile phone, you could go on to just wave your hands to perform actions like terminating an ongoing video file or closing an application.
  • You could also elongate the utility to switch between various websites on search.
  • The app is named after the action of fingers and fingertips which is to carry out a task in the application.
  • By simply waving your finger tips, you will be able to open email attachments and text, multimedia messages.

With such impressive features, Samsung Galaxy S4 is now ruling the mobile phone world.