HTC One X Plus Review – Excellent Design and Amazing Features

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The HTC One X+ is definitely a boost up from its predecessor, the One X that was released earlier this year. It pretty much looks the same but has quite a few modifications done to it making it a little better than the One X.



The processor of the HTC One X+ has a whopping 1.7 Ghz Quad core processor that has been a real major upgrade from the One X which has a 1.5 Ghz Quad core, a whole 200 Mhz difference making it defiantly the faster phone among the two.



The HTC One X+ has a rubber body making it a phone with a grip, that won’t easily fall out of your hands where as its predecessor the HTC One X has a glossy finish.


The HTC One X+ comes with Android OS v4.1.1 which is preinstalled when the phone is bought whereas the HTC One X needs to be upgraded to the same firmware from the preinstalled v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) that is given with the phone.


The HTC One X+ has the same massive screen size as the HTC One X of 4.7inches making it a strong competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Optimus 4X HD. It also comes with the latest Gorilla Glass 2 installed on this smartphone.


The One X+ like the One X, is fitted with Beats Audio that makes it better than most of the smartphones with its superior audio quality.



The rear camera of the of the One X+ has the same quality as the One X with 8 megapixels when it comes to taking a photo, but has a slight edge over the latter when it comes to video.

The video has been upgraded from 1080p@24ps on the One X to 1080@28ps in the One X+.
There has been a boost in the front camera too. The front camera has been pushed up to1.6MP from 1.3MP that the One X has.


The memory of the One X+ has a huge internal storage of 32GB or 64GB with no external storage option given with the phone as the internal memory should be enough making it equivalent to the storage capacity an iPhone5 has, thus allowing you to download and store apps like ppi reclaim app easily and not worrying about the memory space usage.


The battery of the HTC One X+ is 2100mAh, which gives it a better battery life of 44hours and is a significant improvement from its father, the HTC One X which has a 1800mAh battery which lasts 37hours.


The One X+ price is around £200 more than the One X and costs around £ 450.
Overall the HTC One X+ with a superior processor, memory and a larger battery makes it a strong contender to the latest smartphones that are released today but with Google’s latest addition, the Nexus 4 which has similar features at half the price, is going to give HTC a definite run for their money.

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