no service on iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are the most popular phones in the world. However when I get my iPhone brand new 6, it always bother me with no service problem. If you also see No Service or Searching on your device, or can’t connect to a cellular network or cellular data, follow these steps: Toggle Airplane mode […]


Sometimes it seems like every detail of our lives is out there on the internet. Between the governments checking up on what you do, to your internet service provider seeing your information, to sites like Facebook sharing your information to third-party marketing agencies, and more—well, it seems like Big Brother knows everything about us at […]

computer music

Chances are, this has happened to you. You’re checking your Facebook and listening to some music on your desktop computer, when the opening notes of your favorite song start to play. You get excited and turn up your speakers, only to be met with static and distorted sound. Although many computers sound good at low […]

make money online

With the advancements in technology, earning an income from home on the Internet is a viable option for people today. Especially in this tough economy with unemployment rates at an all time high, getting an income from an alternate source has become commonplace. These Top 10 ways to earn an income online can help almost […]


User’s opinion is critical to your website improvement. There are many solutions to collect user’s idea. This post introduce 3 opinion collection solutions. Contact Form Nowadays, most website software have a build-in contact form module. You can use this free function to collect comments from all user. Just like the ITGeeg, you can also build […]

Before your install a new hard drive, you should prepare a new hard drive and divide it into partitions which are the same to old hard drive. Then you should backup your important data in order to avoid any risk though there is no much risk if your follow my steps. Start your work now. 1. Connect […]

With the end of the year is coming up fast, it is never a bad time to think about traffic to your website. An online presence is just as important as having one in person, especially if you own a small business. By utilizing a website builder, you can have your content up in no […]

Replacing  laptop screen> can be costly if your laptop has expired for the warranty period. But by replacing it yourself, you can save a bundle. With little more than a screwdriver, you can replace the screen yourself. This article will tell you how to remove the broken screen and install a new screen. Before you take actions, please […]

Ten Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Most people use social media in some form or another to share information and keep in contact with friends, family, coworkers and whoever else they know, but when you’re putting out a bunch of information for anyone to see, there are certain risks you need to be aware of. Here are ten tips for keeping […]

Setting up your own network has become easier in recent years, as technology has improved. With increased sophistication, many of the networking components, such as those available from Castle Computers, automatically connect and communicate with each other, meaning that there is less technological jargon to decipher, and fewer hoops to jump through. Step 1: Understanding […]