Earbuds come in different names; they can be called as in-ear-monitors, in-ears, or even inter aurals. Regardless of the name, these earbuds are usually considered as among the most commonly used gadgets around. These days, we see a lot of models on earbuds for smartphones being introduced in the market. But the question is, how […]

computer music

Chances are, this has happened to you. You’re checking your Facebook and listening to some music on your desktop computer, when the opening notes of your favorite song start to play. You get excited and turn up your speakers, only to be met with static and distorted sound. Although many computers sound good at low […]

MOG MOG is one of the best iphone apps out there for playing music. One of the best features of MOG Radio is the ability to have continuous music even after your playlist has finished. There is a MOG Radio button that when enabled will continue to play music related to the playlist you had […]

Previously, we may need to search chords on the internet and then print then for learning Guitar.  But now, we get the Chord app for Android to help us learning Guitar Chords quickly and easily. This android app have two layouts: the horizontal and vertical layout. I think the horizontal version is easier for using. The free version has […]