Recycling: sell mobile phones online and get cash

Technology changes fast especially for electronic products. Your mobile phone is always outdated. However, before you discard your ancient or faulty mobile phones, it still have some value. There are simple and quick ways of selling mobile phones to a phone recycling company. It should be a good idea to get some cash while protecting the environment.

The price of recycling usually depends on the year, quality, brand, model of the mobile phone. For some popular and new phones, they tend to pay you more. So, it would be smart to sell your old phone while it’s still not that old.

The process is easy. There is often a form where you can receive a quote about your phone after you typing in your phone model.  If you’re satisfied with their offer, you will need to send the phone to them and fill out a forms. Then you will get paid after receiving the mobile phone.

Mobile phone recycling company recommendation:


Find the best price you can get. It will compare the prices offered by many mobile recycling company.


The UK’s NO.1 mobile phone recycling price comparison site. You will get good price here.


The official recycling program of the Australian Mobile Phone Industry. It even recycle your old mobile phone accessories.

If you are just a environmentalist, the non-profit website maybe your choice.