How to Get Root Access on Android 2.3

There are many limit in an Android system. If you’re an Android user who want to try out some custom OS builds, or just worried about getting access to future OS updates, you may need a root access to your android phone. A helpful hacker explains how to obtain root access to your phone’s underlying android system.

Then how to to get root access on Android 2.3 Cellphone system Gingerbread?

Here is a one click methods to achieve this goal to get root access for Android 2.3 Gingerbread operation system as well as uninstall Android system applications.

1.Uninstall third-party softwares restriction

Take this process: Menu-> Setting –> Application. Check the ‘unknown source’

2.Turn on USB debug mode

Setting –> Application –> Develop. Check ‘USB Debug’. There are many actions about changing Android OS need to check this option.

3.Install new Android OS

Download GingerBreak v1.20.apk and install it, run it and then click ‘OK’.

4. Root Device

Click “Root Device”, Then turn up “GingerBreak”, Hold on minitues, Then your android phone will automatically restart (If There are something uncertain happened, please restart your phone manually and repeat this step)

5. Validation Android 2.3

After restarted your cellphone, Click on finish. Then you need to valid it with software ‘R.E. Files Manager‘. You can find the software by Googleing.

You can get root access by following this process including Android 2.3.3 and 2.3.4. By the way, you may want to know about How to Re-Install HTC Android OS