Top 5 iPhone 4S Free Apps

When people log into the app store with their new iPhone 4S, the amount of options can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of apps available that it becomes very hard to determine which app is worth your time and which app is just full of hype. Here are the top 5 Iphone apps with the most downloads and user reviews.


AroundMe is the best and fastest way to find out about things surrounding. How many times have you been somewhere where you are unfamiliar and noticed that your tank is slowly reaching that dreaded ’empty’ indicator or need to find the nearest restaurant, movie theater or hospital? AroundMe identifies where you are and quickly shows you where the nearest hospital, supermarket, hotels, theatres, gas stations, bars, banks, and other important places are located. You never have to feel like a stranger in a new city again.


This program helps you turn all your Apple products (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) into an extension of your brain. You will never have to worry about forgetting important information anymore because with Evernote, you always have it with you. You will never have to email information to yourself again just to remember something. Whether you want to synchronize recordings, snapshots, ideas, notes, to-do lists, place them into Evernote and it synchronizes from your iPhone to your Windows desktop or Mac.

  1. Search feature that can even search text stored within images
  2. An online client that makes it accessible from anywhere
  3. Automatic synchronization between the web and your other devices
  4. It replaces sticky notes
  5. Tagging and sorting features


It once started as an ugly duckling sort of application but now with the recent introduction of version 3, it is like having a desktop version of Facebook in your pocket. The staff at Facebook completely redesigned how the app looked and now uses ‘home screens’ to replace the previous, cluttered, interface. It is fast and easy to find the sections that you are most likely to use (notifications, newsfeed, etc). In many ways, the mobile application of Facebook on the iPhone 4S is better than the desktop version because of how easy it is to navigate.


If you are often on the go, this app is essential. It allows you to synchronize files and documents from whatever device you have, iPhone, iPad, and your desktop computer. You never have to worry about not carrying your resume with you if you run into an important someone, the days of not having files with you everywhere you go are over. While there are many different apps that transfer content between your computer and your iPhone 4S, Dropbox is not only easier to use than most of the competitors, but it is also free.

  1. You can save photos and videos taken with your camera to your Dropbox account
  2. View photos, videos, documents, and presentations in your Dropbox
  3. Share your files online and across computers

Find my Phone

With the amount of personal information we put on our phones and how important they have become in our day-to-day lives, one of the worst nightmares for most people is losing their iPhone. Find My iPhone from Apple helps you locate a stolen or lost iPhone. It also works on other devices from Apple like the iPad and iMac. The only thing needed is an Apple login and you can geo-locate your device as long as it has a connection to 3G or Wi-Fi. Another great feature is that you can have it make very loud noises even when you have placed the phone on silent – perfect for when you know you left your iPhone somewhere but just cannot seem to find it.

In Conclusion

The Iphone 4s is an incredible piece of mobile technology and with the right apps installed you will always have all your needs met and your questions answered. One can only wonder what the upcoming Iphone 5 will be like. You will also need fast download and upload 4g connectivity and AT&T is offering incredible deals on all their internet and mobile services. Go to At&t uverse coupon code offers page and review their promotions. I hope you take advantage of the apps mentioned in this article I am certain they will change the way you use your Iphone.