PID Controlled Espresso Machine

Engineers Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky developed a new commercial-quality PID controlled espresso machine. This new project raised more than $369,000 on KickStarter, which exceeds 16 times money what their supposed to raise. How could this Espresso Machine so popular?

There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today.  But both of them have some shortage. So Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky are going to find a balance between quality and cost. They used many new ideas in this new product. They designed many new modules for it, such as new themoblock and PID module. The PID module is there to control the temperature and pressure. The core uses open source hardware Arduino. They software is also an open source software.

In order to test out the quality of the coffee made by this machine, Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky taken some of our prototypes to local coffee shops. The result shows this new machine makes coffee as good as their machine. This new product will be shipped to begin Spring/Summer 2012 at a price of about $200~$400.