Clipix: organize online life on PC & iPhone

We always get a mass of online contents everyday. But we may some times ignore some interesting contents just because we don’t have time to go though it. A easy way to remember them is to bookmark it. However, the browser bookmark function is always just let you save it on local machine. How to share your online interesting on different devices?

The Clipix is here to help you organize and control your online life both on you computer and iPhone. You can keep everything you find online that you want to save and come back to on Clipix by saving them to clipboard. The Clipix let you create many clipboards to save articles, books or tweets.

It’s easy to use. Regester a new acount on clipix and you will got the default clipboards. Then place the “Clip” button to your bookmark toolbar. Click the “Clip” button when you want to save the URL to your clipboards. Then you are able to come back to the URL on the clipboard any time.

You can also get the iPhone app for Clipix. Then you can save your interest by you iPhone. This will makes your online life more convenient.

You can share your clipboards with you friends too. Below is a example of my Clipboard. There is a share button on the top. Click the button and then you can share it to your friend by Clipix account name or email address.


Why not try this free tool to organize your online life?

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