How to Make a Dynamic BlackBerry Theme

ITGeeg is going to teach you how to make a basic dynamic Blackberry Theme to make your blackberry cool.

Make sure you have installed these software before taking action:

  • BlackBerry Themes Studio 5.0
  • BlackBerry Simulators
  • Picture Editor software  ( Photoshop, Gimp, dll )

BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0 Introduction

BlackBerry Theme Studio is the key application in building a BlackBerry theme. It contains two component: BlackBerry Theme Builder and Composer. When you are going to create a dynamic BlackBerry theme, BlackBerry Composer is a must. You can use BlackBerry Composer to design static or dynamic effect.

First step is to create a new theme. For example, we create a new blackberry theme CreepyBerry.

1. Run Composer. Press “Ctrl + N” to create a new Composer project.

2. Select the BlackBerry model for your theme. We use Bold 9000 for example. The screen width and height will then be set based on your choice.

We use a transparent background for CreepyBerry.  Click “File > Import”. You will see the background in Composer window.

Then we create a button. Click “Theme Button” icon in Composer toolbar. Create 5 button and list them as follow:

Now we select one button. In Inspector menu, select “Use Device Application Order”. Apply this action to all buttons.

If you are going to add a dynamic icon, select “animation” under “Inspector” menu. You can follow this steps:

Focus in (Slide Up) and Focus Out (Slide Down)

This is applicable to all icons. Example as follow:

After created the main menu and added dynamic effect to these icons, we are going to create a SVG file:

Click “File > Export to > SVG > OK”

Now we have created SVG file. Then we need to open the Theme Builder.

Theme Builder

BlackBerry Theme Builder is a tool for theme design. You can edit icons and fonts in this tool. It also let your to arrange icons on the BlackBerry screen and there app links.

Open the Theme Builder and select the wanted phone model. We still choose BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Import the SVG file we have just created in the “Theme Homescreen” menu.

After imported, you can see background you have chosen. You will see this window in Theme Builder:

Theme Builder can edit almost anything in a BlackBerry theme. You can set signal and power symbol length. This is crucial if you are going to make a high quality blackberry theme.

Follow this step to set signal and power symbol length: Click “Theme and Banner”. Then your can see all settings you need.

Now you need import symbol for battery power. For example, we split the whole power into 7 level. Upload a picture which can be divided into 7 part. The software will separate it into 7 parts automatically. So you see, we just need to upload one picture to show your power level into 7 level:

We need to upload two image if you need a dynamic icon. One is displayed when mouse over and one for mouse out. Upload picture and select its type. Please make sure your icon size before upload.

After all above steps, your bold 9000 theme have finished. You can click “File > Export” to export your installation file.