Intel CEO: Sony Will Release Ultrabook

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During the IFA 2011 EXPO, Sony suggested that they wouldn’t follow up Intel’s Ultrabook plan. But the new information shows that Sony have changed their idea. Intel CEO said, on a interview of Focus TV, that there will be 11 companies will release Unltrabook. He also said these companies include Sony.

The first manufactures include Lenovo, AUS, Acer and Toshiba. HP also suggested that they are planning to follow Intel in this year. Samsung and LG hold the same idea as HP. Fujitsu and MSI will release their product after December. Dell and Gigabyte also revealed their plan to release Ultrabook next year.

Sony Will Release Ultrabook

In this Interview, Intel CEO also announced that there will be more than 60 Ultrabook product release after the release of the next generation Ivy Bridge.

Sony released the VAIO Z serious concept in the middle of this year. It was very like Ultrabook. But it exceeded the price and hardware limit of Intel. Sony may cut some of its powerful hardware to meet Intel’s requirement.