Rosetta Stone Launches iPad App

Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular maker of the popular software for learning a language, has just released an interactive app for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 called TOTALe Companion HD which allows users to access all of their Rosetta Stone training software.

Using the new iPad app, users can log into their TOTALe account and gain access to all of the course content of their Rosetta Stone subscription.

While the iPad app is a free download, the actual Rosetta Stone language course content is not. According to the company, the price starts at $179 and goes up based on the level of the language course content. The new app for the iPad will complement the iPhone app which Rosetta Stone made available months back.

Rosetta Stone has had an iPhone app for several months, but this new iPad version rounds out some features that had been missing on the smaller device.

The app syncs with users’ Rosetta Stone TOTALe account, allowing them to pick up their learning program in the app wherever they left off on any other device.

Rosetta Stone TOTALe includes three parts: Course, the core vocabulary and grammar building portion; World, where users can play language-learning games alone or with others online; and Studio, where students take live webinar-style classes. At launch, only Rosetta Stone Course material is being offered, although the company intends to add the other two components in the future.

The new platform replaces mouse clicks with a move immersive touch screen. By accessing their Rosetta Stone TOTALe account, users can log off of one device and then continue where they left off on another. According to the designer this make learning with the software more flexible than ever.