Kindle Fire HD 7 Review: Promising Nexus 7 Competitor

Recently, Amazon released new generation fire: Kindle Fire HD 7. It’s thinner, lighter, faster and, yes, better looking. Many people think it the most promising Nexus 7 competitor. Is it enough of an improvement to topple our current king of budget tablets, the Nexus 7? Read this Fire HD 7 review to find out.


Compared to most other tablets, Amazon placed the front camera to the left other than the top. This makes the 7 inch Kindle Fire HD  wider than Nexus 7. 

Kindle Fire HD’s back surface uses similar design as iPad. This does a compelling job of making Kindle Fire HD feel thinner. On the bottom, we see HDMI & USB port and Mic. 3.5mm headset port, volume button and power button are placed on the side.


The corners of the tablet are more rounded than its predecessor, with a glossy bezel going around the display — a little bit of the rubberized backing creeps out on top of this. Two Dolby speaker are placed on two side. The back surface is easy to get fingerprint.


1280 x 800 pixels resolution brings good user experience on the display. According to Amazon’s announcement, Kindle Fire HD uses Advanced True Wide technology to reduce 25% glare. But it is not as good as the Retina screen on iPad.

Performance and battery life

7 inch Kindle Fire HD uses OMAP 4460 processor from Texas Instruments with 1GB RAM. It only get a 200MHz boost in performance over the Kindle Fire that came before it, but it feels considerably quicker than that. The SunSpider JavaScript browser test gave us an average score of 1,767ms. That’s nearly 700ms faster than the previous Fire and almost identical to the Nexus 7’s 1,785ms.

Regarding the battery life, Amazon officially announced you can expect 11 hours of normal usage. This is quite a long time. But  you can only believe in real users’ feedback when it comes to battery life.


Kindle Fire HD runs Android 4.0. Compared to the predecessor Kindle Fire, the Fire HD made some improvement on the system. Though you may not notice a whole new system, the new system runs more efficiently and offers rich options.


Benefit from dual antennas and 5G support, Amazon says download speed of MIMO Wi-Fi is faster 40% more than its predecessor, a speed faster than iPad. The dual antennas basically means the tablet can both send and receive data simultaneously over its pair of antennas. It will also means higher overall signal strength.


The new Amazon’s Whispersync system allows gamers to save their progress and lets book lovers jump back and forth between written and audio forms of some book titles. This makes uses can save their current position even you change to another device.

Accounts & Control

Kindle FreeTime is a new feature comes with Kindle Fire HD. This feature allows parents to place caps on how much time their children spend on the tablet. This feature can also be used to protect users privacy by set different accounts authority.

Even peoples think the Kindle Fire HD 7 is directly knocking Nexus 7, both two products will get their success.

Buy Kindle Fire HD 7 from $199. For a budget choice, the Kindle Fire is $159 now on Amazon.