Canon PowerShot G5 X compact camera review

Compared to professional SLR camera or smartphone, compact camera have no much advantage. But there are still a small group users willing to pay for a balance between image quality, portable and price. Recent release Canno PowerShot G9 X, G5 X and EOS M10 are targeting this customers.

The most exciting camera should be G5X. It added many useful features for photographer, especially the electronic viewfinder. Now, let have a clear look at Cannon PowerShot G5 X.Canon G5 X 1

Retro Design

The Canon PowerShot G5 X compact camera uses a retro design. This makes the camera sharp in shape. In my opinion, this ourlook makes me happy. The G5 X has a good design makes it easy to hold. Electronic viewfinder is positioned in upper area. It makes G5 X look like a mini SLR camera. The control circle outside the lens makes it a retro look. The circle allows user make settings by rotate it. It is very easy to control exposure.Canon G5 X 2

To use G5 X, you may need to make a small change of your gesture of holding. Or you will find it is hard to touch the shutter. That not means the G5 X is not easy to uses. Actually, if you put your index fingeir on the shutter, you can use middle finger to control the control circle at the same time. It means setting the camera becomes very easy.

In a bright light environment, a electronic viewfinder is a big advantage. The viewfinder on G5 X is easy to use when compared to Sony RX100 III or RX100IV. The G5X has a build in sensor. When you opened the viewfinder, it will close the mainscreen automatically. Like the viewfinder, G5 X LCD main screen is very sharp and sensitive.

Picture examples

Canon G5 X 3This picture is taken under maximum zoom condition. Look at the edge. It’s very sharp. The color and contrast ratio are quite good. It’s white balance feature makes the color more natural.

Canon G5 X 4This picture shows G5 X have a good color transition. The curious thing is that G5 X AE model selected 1/20 second shutter speed.

Canon G5 X 5The autofocus feature performs good even under a dark light environment. You can choose the focal point on the screen. But most time, you don’t need to do that by yourself. Canon PowerShot G5 X can do it good for you in most situation.

In Summarize

Canon G5 X 6G5 X is similar to old generation G7 X. Both of them can take good quality pictures under various environment without photographer skills. However, G5 X made many improvement on operation and specs. Happy to see the electronic view-finder can be added to a compact camera. Without this useful part, it’s hard to take a good picture in a bright light environment for G7 X. Also, electronic viewfinder makes it easier to capture thing in movement.

Maybe for the performance reason, G5 X becomes larger. This causes customer displeasure. If you are focus on picture quality, it will be OK. But it certainly degrade portability.

Need a G5 X? It just price for $499 . Get a Cannon PowerShot G5 X on Amazon.