You just purchased your Oculus Rift. You envision the worlds you will see, the things you will do as you immerse yourself into this new world of virtual reality. And you do—you immerse yourself in this world and find that even your sky-high expectations have been met. And you want more. Oh, there is more […]

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When many smart devices entered our daily life, they changed our life. Most smart devices uses Wifi or bluetooth to communicate with each other. Thus, it will caused many problems. The most serious issue should be cracked by malicious hacker. They may do bad things to you. News shows there is a hacker entered users […]


If you have used any solar charger, you should know it is hard to charge you iPhone or iPad. Even put your solar charger under sunshine, it can’t always performs well to charge your devices. Most devices using USB ports for charging need a stable 5W power source, or 5V and 1A output source. But what […]

“Shaken, not stirred.”  Elaborate death machines.  Beautiful girls with bizarre names. These are just a few of the iconic images we associate with the James Bond film series. Besides these three, what everyone thinks of when they think of Bond is the wide variety of fancy gadgets he gets for each mission. The creativity of […]

Each year, millions of Americans forgo professional installations and support in order to do it themselves. Cost plays a major role in the decision, but many DIYers find inspiration from the idea of having completed a job from scratch with their own two hands. In fact, Psychology Today reports that DIY can provide such a […]

Boosting school spirit is a critical part of encouraging high student performance. There are a variety of ways to encourage students to get involved in school activities. From student recognition to exciting pep rallies, fostering school spirit promotes student engagement and higher academic performance. Honors Ceremonies Honors ceremonies are an important part of student recognition. [&hellip

Do you hate salesman selling products package? But the products package introduce in this article will change your mind. If you see a USE toaster hub with bread USB flash drivers sold in a package, you will never want to separate them. This “toaster hub” has 4 USB2.0 port. Correspondingly, there are 4 pieces of toasty USB […]

Are you planning to buy a new PS3? If yes, then I advise you to check wide variety of PlayStation 3 Bundles. The reason is that bundle brings an accessory or game for you. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend extra for an addition feature. Here are details of three PlayStation 3 bundles. 1. PlayStation […]

The Nintendo 3DS was released into one of the most interesting climates for handheld games and electronics to date. Countless companies were beginning to blur the lines between smartphones, handheld gaming systems, tablet PCs, and a number of other portable gadgets. Due to this, Nintendo had to provide a device that not only stayed true […]

Almost every people will take electric devices with them when go to trip. However, with more and more powerful performance, most of our mobile devices can not work much time without charging. So the backup external battery is been created. But the backup battery is still not a perfect solution if you got a long […]