3G Version of iPad 2 Get CCC Authentication in China

Sina technology learned from the CCC certification platform, 3G version of Apple iPad 2 has passed China’s 3C certification, certificate number is 2011010902473497, the issuing date is May 16.

The certificated iPad 2 model is A1396, certification cover model A1357 adapter. Applicants and manufacturers is U.S. Apple, certification date is May 16, 2011, the certificate deadline is May 16, 2016, a period of 5 years

Only WCDMA version iPad2 get certificated. CDMA version of 3G iPad 2 still didn’t get authentication and the timing is unknown. In order to sell 3G version of iPad 2 in mainland China, not only it should through the 3C certification, also need to obtain permission letter to the Department’s network.

3C certification is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Certification. In order to fulfillthe commitment to join WTO, December 3, 2001, China issued a compulsory product certification system, from 1 May 2002, the CNCA began accepting compulsory product catalog listed 19 categories of 132 Product certification application.

April 8, Apple WiFi Edition iPad 2 by China’s 3C certification, and on May 6 for salein mainland China, while the 3G version of iPad 2 release date in the Mainland is not yet a clear timetable.