Sandvine, a top provider of intelligent broadband network solutions, released a biannual Internet traffic trends report. In this report, Apple made up 45% of streaming video. This report is entitled “Global Internet Phenomena Report 1H2013”. The data are from Sandvine’s 200-plus service provider customers in all over of the world. These customers including North America, Europe, the [&

If you have used an iPad, you know firsthand the pains of its size. I remember when I first held an iPad Mini. I put it right into my back pocket, and it fit perfectly. The reason this struck such a chord with me is that I felt that I could finally have the portability […]

2012 was not a slow year for technology. Exploding sales of tablets, ultrabooks, and smartphones set the fiscal bar higher than ever. Tech historians will likely view 2012 as one of the most transformative years in technology. But as in 2011, Apple, Google, and Microsoft remained in the spotlight of 2012’s biggest technology events. 5 […]

The iOS6  brings a lot of new stuff. This makes many people excited. Here are a few things to know before updating your device to iOS 6. 1. Not all devices can be updated to iOS6 Only iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the New iPad and iPod touch 4 are supported by iOS6. Apple gave up the first generation iPad […]

Apple release new Retina MBP on 2012 WWDC. Unlike the previous model, the Retina MBP makes many design changed. After tech geek teardown  the new Retina MacBook Pro, we get a conclusion that The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable. All these makes replacing components cost more. Retina MacBook Pro is the most Unfixable laptop. The retina MBP fused […]

In 1994, Apple produced the first Consumer Grade digital camera: QuickTake. This 30W pixels & 1MB RAM camera became the first digital camera for many common people. There are more and more people using Apple products, like iPad, iPhone or Mac. This is because we like Apple’s design. The Apple design has become the trends. How […]

4 months ago, the release of iPhone 4s attracted many eyes. One of the biggest reason is the new function: Siri.  This interesting app will answer your question with a real voice. Since it’s a intelligent answer, we are interested about how could Apple do this? The answer is the intelligent search engine behind Siri: Wolfram Alpha. […]

Have you ever found that it is difficult to get enough consumers to support your Mac App development organization? It may not just a problem about the product it self. Sometimes, a good product without advertisement won’t gain good revenue too. Nowadays, people are more likely ignore online advertisements as there are too many irrelevant ads bothered […]

If you happen to have one of the most famous Apple mobile products of our time, like iPod Touch, iPhone or an iPad, then you are obviously familiar with the App Store and most likely have installed apps on your Apple device from there. App Store requires an Apple ID for logging in and further […]

Apple released new iCloud and iOS5 recently. But the bad mail service and installation bug bothered many users. Some users said that they can not access their email account when the iCloud released on Wednesday. The new mobile iOS 5 also annoy users. Users feedback shows that new iOS5 takes too much time to download […]