prMac: promote iOS app to millions targeted journalists

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prMacHave you ever found that it is difficult to get enough consumers to support your Mac App development organization? It may not just a problem about the product it self. Sometimes, a good product without advertisement won’t gain good revenue too.

Nowadays, people are more likely ignore online advertisements as there are too many irrelevant ads bothered them. But, with a need iOS app, we need to attract potential users’ attention.  Why should a journalist stop on your ads and then purchase it? Without a powerful tool to spread your idea to targeted person, you may not be able to get customers.

The prMac Distribution Services is designed to help you spread out your products to millions targeted journalists in the Apple world. It is an excellent resource to publish your content to different media lists which are related to your product. They provide flexible services choice at a price that fits your budget. There are Free Distribution, Extended Distribution and Extended Distribution w/ VNR plans.

After selected a service, you are provided the necessary tools to create, manage and distribute your press releases, making it easy to manage every aspect of your organization’s public relations activities.

If you got an iPhone App idea and want to know if it can bring profit, try prMac services.