How to Install Android Applications from Google Play

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. There is a Android Market which has beenĀ  modelled after the very popular Apple iPhone AppStore. It’s easy to install android applications on your google android devices from here. There are many solutions about installing android software directly from android devices or from computer. However, there are some knacks in installing applications, which make application installation easy and data saving.


Make sure you have installed Google Android Market application on your android devices before going to install a new application.Login with your Google Account.


Open in your computer browser. Search the application what you want to use on your android phone. Click “Install” button in the application page.

The webpage will inform if you are authorized to use this application. Make sure you set all the parameters correctly and then click “install” button.


Open your android device when the operation system finished your installing request. Open Android Market software, and it will automatically download the application you have just selected and install it.

Surely, download Android application will cause data flow. In order to save your data flow, you can try some tools. Like Chinese tools “91 helper”.