The Google Play ( former Android Market ) restricted users to download Apps only from their phone. But some Android phone don’t have Google Play client. So how to download android apps from google play? We can download apps on PC through a Google Chrome plugin. First, add the “–ignore-certificate-errors” shortcut into Chorme. Then download the Chrome […]

Nowadays, Google app store: Android Market published a report that Google Android Apps downloads have exceed 6,000,000,000 times. Android Market includes about 250,000 apps. There are still a big gap when compared to 500,000 apps & 15,000,000,000 downloads. However, there are data Android and Apple report, Android Apps downloads increased 3,000,000,000 times in the last […]

Android is very new but widely known. While there are so many Apple fans, there are also many Android fans. Let go to see top 10 hottest searches related to Google Android. 1: Android Cell Phone Android cell phone is used to describe cell phones using android system. Now, cell phone using android OS is very […]

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. There is a Android Market which has been  modelled after the very popular Apple iPhone AppStore. It’s easy to install android applications on your google android devices from here. There are many solutions about installing android software directly from android devices or from computer. However, there are some […]