How to Unlock Blackberry With MFI by Yourself

I once bought a Blackberry 8830 smart phone with Verizon contract in American. As I need to use it in China with China Mobile SIM card, there get some problems. The most terrible problem is that I need to unlock my blackberry phone. I know many blackberry users have the same problem puzzled them. But there are few guides on the Internet help those people. Actually, I waste a whole day hard works on finding solutions on the Internet. Even a free MML file cost me about 4 hours to download. Now, I want to share my experience on unlocking blackberry with you.

Indeed, there are about 4 major solutions to unlock blackberry phones. One idea is not suit for common users because of need to change hardware. There are also three unlocking way by software. Get unlock code by IMEI is the best idea because it never do harm to your phone and its OS, but it cost you some money. Use BBERRYST software to unlock blackberry is also a good solution. However, there are no free BBERYST software and its price is extremely high. Above all, use MML unlock blackberry is the best idea.

You can get free MML file on the Internet. It use a MFI application which is said to be a software used by Blackberry software designers. The only shortage is that it can’t unlock blackberry 8820, blackberry 8900, blackberry 9500 and blackberry 9530. Lets go to our unlocking process.

STEP1: Download and set up basic software.

Basic softwares are Blackberry Desktop Manager and .NET Framework 2.0. Some people may need ceutil.dll and rapi.dll files. You can find it very easy by Google search.

STEP2: Download and setup MFI V2.0.1.3.

If you are not sure where to get it, you can use my simplified MMF edition which can help you unlock 8100, 8110 , 8120, 8200, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8350, 8700, 8707, 8800, 8820, 8830 and 9530. I have added some necessary files like CFP file, regedit bat, RPL files. For example, blackberry 8830 should use  MFI-14678-019.

For those blackberry model which is not covered by my simplified edition, you can download this BT file to find your model.

Simplified edition File address:

Whole Package BT file Address:

STEP3: Run Loader file in order to Drive your Blackberry.

You can find these files under HHFiles folder of MFI software. Their names show the suitable phone model. If you are going to unlock 9530, run the ‘loader9530.bat’ file. Double click the file and you will see No Application Linked printed on your screen. This step is to reset your blackberry phone to Factory OS.

STEP 4: Run MFI to unlock blackberry.

This step is actually our main step. Make sure you have disconnected your computer to network.

1. Copy all MFI files to root directory of C:
2. Open bin folder, double click register.bat
3. double click buding.bat file
4. Disconnect network. (You can pull out network cable ) Run MML.exe file under bin file

You will see this picture after you started MML software

MML unlock blackberry

You can check the ‘Auto start’ function. Or you can click ‘Start’ button to start manually.  You can press “ctrl+alt+shift+F12” to show some hidden functions. Some people say you can click ‘Clear mep’ to unlock blackberry. But it never works on my Blackberry 8830.

Hidden fuctions in MFI

After about ten minutes, you will see a big ‘1’ on your blackberry smart phone. And MFI will show a big ‘PASS’. It’s to say, your blackberry is unlocked. It’s time to install a new blackberry OS now.

STEP 5: Install a new Blackberry OS or said installing a new ROM.

Did you still remember I asked you to setup Desktop Manager? You now can use it to install a new ROM to your blackberry devices.

Frequently appeared problems:

Be sure you use MML in a XP environment.

1. Cannot create CFP instance. Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered

You can use my simplified MML edition. There is a buding.bat file to help you solve this problem. Or you can use these comands:

regsvr32 c:\mml\bin\BBCFPCOM.dll
regsvr32 c:\mml\bin\GRSNVLibCOM.dll
regsvr32 c:\mml\bin\RIMRadioCOM.dll

2. NV library failed to load PRL file. Cannot find PRL-14672-001 on the server.

Some MML installation file missed some PRL files. I have added these files in my simplified MML edition.