TimeStation: replace punch-card machinery in your office

TimeStation is a iOS app which can replace your time & attendance machine. It’s a new employee activity monitoring software. It uses a QR code as the employee’s “personal certificate”. When employees punchwork, they should place the printed QR code in front of iOS devices and they can complete a punch.  It can quickly identify the QR code to complete a punch action. And it will save the cost of a punch card machine.

As a business owner, you just need to register new accounts and add the information of your staffs on TimeStation. Then print each employee’s QR code. Then installed TimeStation application on the iOS device. you have deployed a punchequipment.

TimeStation can compute staff’s working time. Attendance records for eachemployee will be sent over the network to TimeStation site, the boss can view through the website to know if their employees are “lazy.”

Mentioned in the site’s FAQ page, the site can bind multiple TimeStation account. This means if the company has multiple offices, employees punch card records can also be seen through the network. It will be very convenient.

Does the deployment of such a punch in the end system expensive? TimeStation is “free” offer to use with a certain amount of time management. From the App Store, this application is only shelves in December last year. There are three comments, the basic content is “fabulous”.