iPhone 5 Release Date Should on Next Summer

The last iPhone release conference makes some of iPhone fans feel depressed. They didn’t see their wanted iPhone 5 on this release conference. The tech website 9to5Mac revealed the reason why iPhone5 didn’t release as most researchers think. The delay of the new iOS is the key reason which makes iPhone 5 delayed. The iPhone 4S should have release with the iOS5 but it delayed to October. So the iPhone 5 is also delayed.


Cnet posted an article from a analysis said that Apple build two team to developer iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 independently.  Steve Jobs just take charge of the iPhone 5 developing team. The iPhone 5 is the last product Steve Jobs will bring to US. He devoted all his heart to this project from the original idea to final design. www.itgeeg.com

And there are rumors says that iPhone 5 will have a brand new design.