Coolest Devices from the James Bond Series

“Shaken, not stirred.”  Elaborate death machines.  Beautiful girls with bizarre names.

These are just a few of the iconic images we associate with the James Bond film series. Besides these three, what everyone thinks of when they think of Bond is the wide variety of fancy gadgets he gets for each mission. The creativity of these devices and the way they are used is wonderful to watch. Here are some of the coolest devices that have ever appeared in the series.JamesBond007

Jet Pack – Thunderball (1965)

The jet pack is used in one of Bond’s most iconic escape scenes, after he has killed a SPECTRE agent and needs to get away fast. Many movies from the 1960s, especially science fiction movies, painted jet packs as the way of the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite gotten there yet, which is why it’s still so cool to see Bond take off in one.

Cell Phone – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Of course it looks like a normal cell phone, but this phone comes with a few extra features. It includes an electronic lock pick, a 20,000 volt taser, a fingerprint scanner, and a remote-control system for Bond’s BMW.

Voice Changer – Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

This machine can be used to perfectly mimic anyone’s voice and is used by both Blofeld and Bond in this flick. The best part is how easily and effortlessly Q puts together such an advanced machine.

Bowler Hat – Goldfinger (1964)

This gadget is used by the villainous Oddjob instead of by Bond, but it’s cool nonetheless. The hat’s brim contains a metal disk that is razor sharp and can slice through just about anything, even other people. This gadget is memorable because it seems so innocuous at first glance. Who would have thought to use a hat as a weapon?

X-ray Vision Camera – A License to Kill (1989)

This Polaroid camera looks old-fashioned and outdated to us now, but it has a special gimmick that makes it more advanced than any of today’s cameras. If you take a picture with the flash on, the flash functions as a laser that takes x-ray pictures.

Briefcase – From Russia with Love (1963)

Bond’s briefcase is his biggest weapon in this installment. Hidden in various compartments throughout the case are a throwing knife, tear gas, and a sniper rifle, all of which, naturally, get used at some point throughout the movie.

Umbrella – For Your Eyes Only (1981)

This is an innocent-looking gadget that takes on a deadly twist. It’s only seen briefly in the movie, but it makes quite an impression. The umbrella can grow spikes and snap itself shut, gruesomely killing whoever is using it.

Lotus Esprit – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Bond cars could get a whole article of their own, but this one from the Roger Moore era was especially attention-grabbing as a gadget. One push of a button could transform it into a submarine-very useful when your villain has an underwater lair.

Dart Gun – Moonraker (1979)

The best part about this gadget is how surprising it was when it was first used. Bond is caught, held at gunpoint, and weaponless. He raises his hands in surrender, only to then shoot a dart out of the tiny gun on his wrist straight into the villain’s heart.