Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC have the thinnest 8.6mm thickness. And the 565g weight and powerful hardware configuration makes this tablet suitable for most user. This mini tablet integrated NvidiaTegra2 1GHz dual core CPU, 10.1 inch 1280*800 revolution PLS Capacity screen and Android 3.0.1 OS. Now IT Geeg take a close hands-on review on Galaxy Tab10.1.

Hardware Configuration of Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 deployed Tegra 2 1Ghz dual core CPU. Network speed can be as high as 21Mb/second. Default RAM storage is 1GB. The RAM storage is more powerful than many other tablets. This makes it more efficient.

After tried more than 1 week, I finally found the point why Galaxy is so popular. This review will introduce the Galaxy Tab10.1 from appearance, usability and applicability.

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1. Appearance

Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 used a white porcelain texture design with black and white color choices. The tablet is wrapped with silver color frame. A 10.1 inch TFT PLS capacitive multi-touch screen. Watching videos or playing games on this screen will be cool. The 565g weight and 8.6mm thickness makes it portable leading the industry. The audio effect is also great.

2. 10.1 inch big multi-touch screen

The 10.1 inch TFT PLS capacitive multi-touch screen with 16:9 gold ratio and 1280*800 revolution will supply a great visual experience. It deployed a 2 Mega front-end camera and a 3.2 megapixel rear Digital camera. Galaxy tab10.1 support various formats 1080P (1920*1080) HD video and can record 720p (1280 * 720) video. It also offer a HDMI connector to let you play video on bigger screen.

3. Usability: Lower power consumption but better HD visual experience

(1) CPU

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 deployed an 1GB NVIDIA Tegra T2 CPU. This CPU used an  dual-core Cortex-A9 chip. Java or Internet surfing will use these two CPU ( Network Speed can be 21Mb/second). And it carry a 2D/3D graphic processor: GeForce GPU which can highly improve the experience when palying HD video or playing games.It can run 3D games or 1080p HD video fluently.

Tagra 2 have a low power consumption. This CPU improved power management. It will not work at 1GHz at anytime. It will shut down one core when there is no need to handle too much tasks.  The dual-core Tegra 2 even cost less power than first generation of Tegra. Galaxy Tab 10.1 also support Flash 10.2. You can view Flash TV, Films or News video on it. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 support multi-tasks management.

(2) Camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 build 2 camera on front side and back side. The front-end 2 mega  camera makes it convenient for video talk. The back-end is a 3.2 mega auto focus + LED Flashing  camera which is suitable for photograph or record video. LED flashing will start in a dark situation.

Touch the “camera” icon to enter photographing. The UI design is very fresh. The camera support pan-shot ( Can integrate 8 picture into one ). Users can set revolution or different effect.

4. Applicability: Great Touch Experience and Speedy Applications of Android 3.0.1

(1) Great Touch Experience  of Android3.0.1

We have learnt that Samsung have a good understand of Android hardware since the release of Samsung P1000 last year. Android 3.0.1 is designed to focus on Tablet PCs. It have a fresh UI design. Android 3.0.1 integrated task management and RAM storage tool. Users can quickly open calendar, world clock, notepad or calculate tool in quick launch tool bar.

(2) More convenient and fast applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 deployed about 20 popular mobile network application. User can choose more than 2000 applications from Samsung Apps. You can even choose more than 20,000 apps from Android Market or other third party app store. There are 4 sources for Android Apps. Samsung app store offers many free games and apps. The build-in Autotonavi GPS map support 17 cities 3D map.

5. There are also many optional accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Tab can be manage with Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. And there are many other optional accessories. These included keyboard basis. USB expander which can upgrade storage to 32GB. Protect shell & case.

Conclusion & Competitiveness Analysis

The Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 got many praise. Though competitor are also strong, the fashion design and supper thin shape makes it powerful. And the customized Android 3.0.1 created a new template for other tablet PC manufactures.