In spite of a strong spec knock, an upgraded show and possibly amusement evolving camera, fervor about the Galaxy S9 has been blended because of its traditionalist plan and battery stagnation. The uplifting news is new breaks uncover the cell phone has shocks up its sleeve, however the outline isn’t one of them. We can […]

Galaxy S3 hit the market last year and has shown a tremendous sales record. It is easy to use and you can find some amazing applications from the Android store. The processer used in this Smartphone gives very high performance and it supports high graphics games and applications. Here are some top applications of 2013 […]

Both Samsung’s tablets: Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2  have finally been updated to  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from now.  Samsung announced this update will have “marked improvement” for multi-task performance. The biggest improvement is for multi-task performance. After upgraded to Jelly Bean, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 allows user tile two apps a time. The new Cascade

2012 was not a slow year for technology. Exploding sales of tablets, ultrabooks, and smartphones set the fiscal bar higher than ever. Tech historians will likely view 2012 as one of the most transformative years in technology. But as in 2011, Apple, Google, and Microsoft remained in the spotlight of 2012’s biggest technology events. 5 […]

Feel tired of your 5.3 or 5.5 inch Galaxy Note? Soon, in next year, you will have bigger choice. Based on The Korea Times news, Samsung is developing 6.3 inch Galaxy Note III. And rumors had said this new flagship product will be released in 2013. However, many people don’t think 6.3 inch mobile phone is […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S line of devices is already the most popular smartphone series in the world. The Galaxy S III is the most popular Android phone of the year. However, Samsung never stop their new handset development. Rumors has show Samsung is going to release Galaxy S IV next year. We have got some news from […]

Tablet computers have allowed people to take the Internet with them to places they simply could not before. Computing has never been as portable or as simple as it is today, and tablets will only continue to innovate as they grow in market share. 2012 and 2013 are likely to tip the scales even more […]

There’s a cliche that photographers who have the best equipment will still resort to their phones to snap pictures, and there’s a nugget of truth in the stereotype. Who doesn’t have a phone in his pocket or her purse at all times? While cameras and accessories are expensive and impractical to lug around everywhere, the […]

As mobile technology breaks new barriers every day, every hour, even every minute, a keen, palpitating anticipation persistently prevails in the hearts of consumers and enthusiasts alike. With anticipation, naturally, comes dreaming, and that is where the most wondrous of ideas take root, often blooming into concept models. Some of these are certain future releases, […]

Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, we have gadgets with multiple applications – meaning that a mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but also a games console, music player and camera, amongst a host of other things. Indeed the availability of digital cameras in mobile phones has made these models amongst the most […]