Galaxy S IV Specs Leaked

Samsung’s Galaxy S line of devices is already the most popular smartphone series in the world. The Galaxy S III is the most popular Android phone of the year. However, Samsung never stop their new handset development. Rumors has show Samsung is going to release Galaxy S IV next year. We have got some news from Korea.

Since the latest trend in the mobile industry seems to be the move towards 5-inch full HD displays, Samsung is also planning to use a 5-inch full HD AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution that includes a pixel density of 441 pixels-per-inch. The handset is said to be the company’s next flagship device, known as the Galaxy S IV. Since Samsung has announced to produce 1080P AMOLED display next year, this Galaxy S IV rumor is credible.

The Galaxy S IV is also said to include a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE capabilities. The  Exynos 5450 is a quad-core version of the 5250 chipset that powers the Nexus 10 tablet. The frequency of Exynos 5450 will be 2GHz. But the disadvantage is that it may suck a battery dry in record time.

Regarding the camera, Galaxy S IV is said to use a 13MP camera. The RAM will be 3GB.

However, all these specification is still rumors until Samsung announce it officially. Well, we look forward to CES to see if Samsung really will break out the Galaxy S IV. If you want to enjoy the great deal of appealing software features and don’t want to wait for long, cheap Galaxy S III from Dialaphone will be your choice.