How to Make Nexus 4 Support 4G LTE

Google and LG disappointed many when they announced the Nexus 4 without LTE support.  Anyway, with great hardware specifications but cheap price, this new device  was sold out minutes after going on sale. But,from the iFixit report, we know the LG/Google Nexus 4 actually support 4G LTE network as it uses a Qualcomm WTR1605L Seven-Band 4G LTE chip.

Nexus 4 that the device included hardware necessary for LTE on at least some of its bands, namely bands 1 (2100 MHz), 2 (1900 MHz), and 4 (AWS 1700/2100). Now we have seen some lucky Nexus 4 owners uses LTE after all. Maybe Google don’t think it is necessary to support all bands. So they just not to support 4G. But the Nexus 4 can supports 4G network in Canada as Telus and Rogers are using the LTE band 4 channel.

For Telus and Rogers users, you can enable 4G network by selecting  “Preferred Network Type” in the dropdown menu there. This menu is inside “Phone Info” which can be accessed by dialing *#*#4636#*#* (INFO).