Top 10 Apps for Blogging-on-the-Go

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The blogosphere moves fast, and it can sometimes be a struggle to keep up. The internet doesn’t stop, and sometimes even taking time off for a family vacation can cost thousands of visitors. To keep up with the fast pace, many bloggers are turning to mobile blogging applications to stay up to date with their sites when they are away from their computers. Others turn to mobile blogging platforms and social media applications during times of internet outages, minimizing the impact of these service interruptions. Several bloggers use mobile blogging stylistically, utilizing mobile blogging applications to keep their visitors informed of events in real time.

Blogging Platform Applications

WordPress Mobile

WordPress Mobile offers an all-encompassing mobile blogging solution. Their interface lets the user handle all aspects of the blog, from creating and editing blog posts, to responding to comments left by visitors.

Blogger App

Blogger App is another application for a popular blogging platform. The Blogger application allows users to create and edit posts, and to create media rich content from anywhere.


Typepad mobile application lets bloggers on that platform update their sites remotely by writing new posts, or posting new photos from wherever they happen to be. The Typepad application has twitter integration as well, letting readers know when a new post is up.


Tumblr application is another popular platform where people can share photos, videos, links and more to their blog using either their mobile phone or tablet. The Tumblr application has offline support when the user is not connected to an internet connection.


Blogsy is a multi-platform application that allows users to access blogs on several different platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Typepad. Blogsy has a drag and drop interface that makes blogging on mobile devices easier and more efficient.


BlogPress is another multiplatform blogging application, is integrated with several social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well. BlogPress supports several different types of media including video blogging.


Moby (for Androids) allows update capabilities to over 25 different sites. The Moby app gives bloggers the capability to use video, text, audio and pictures in their posts.

Other Helpful Applications for Blogs

Blogging is about more than posting interesting articles, photos and videos to a website. Blogging is about engaging an audience, promoting the site and keeping track of important statistics.


Ganalytics is an application that directly links the user to their Google Analytics account. It presents the data for the blog in a user friendly interface. This information can be invaluable to a blogger, especially during times where they may be relying on guest posts or pre-written content while they are away.

BAM Analytics Pro

BAM Analytics Pro takes the data from a Google Analytics account and represents it graphically. This is often easier to read and glean information from. Bam Analytics Pro is especially useful if the blogger is pressed for time, or wants quick updates on performance.


Hootsuite is a Twitter and Facebook application that allows bloggers to publish their content to social media, as well as interact with their followers and fans, without having to switch between platforms. The application gives bloggers the option to schedule tweets and status updates for future dates, which is ideal for when they might be away.

Mobile blogging is becoming increasingly more popular as more and more applications are developed to make updating and monitoring a blog easier. Bloggers can continue to maintain their blogs even while on vacation, during internet downtimes or computer crashes. Some choose to blog exclusively from mobile applications for reasons of convenience and style.