Noosy Nano Sim Card Cutter: DIY Your Nano-SIM

The iPhone 5 just released. One bad news may be that they gave up the Micro-SIM card and turn to a new Nano-SIM. This  change is made to reduce the thickness for iPhone5. But it also causes problem as you can’t use your Micro-SIM on iPhone5. How to solve this problem? Can we make a Nano-SIM by ourselves?

Noosy released a Micro SIM card Cutter will help you trim standard sized SIMs down to make a Nano-SIM from a Micro-SIM card. The 3rd Noosy Micro Sim Card Cutter just like a book sewer. It can be used to trim SIM or Micro-SIM to a Nano-SIM. It can also make a Micro-SIM from SIM. They provide 4 color editions.

Since the difference between Nano-SIM and Micro-SIM is not only the size but also the thickness, we may need to reduce the card thickness before it can be used on iPhone 5. You can use abrasive paper to burnish the back case of the Nano-SIM to reduce the thickness to 0.70mm.

Noosy also provides MicroSim Adapter to let yor swap your sim back and forth between an iPhone 4 and SIM card devices.

Need one? Get the Noosy Micro Sim Card Cutter for $35.99. Buy now!

NOTE: Not every standard sized SIM can be safely trimmed and you need to make this determination *BEFORE* you trim your SIM card with the cutter. You must make certain that the act of trimming the SIM down does *not* cut into the gold area on the SIM card.

UPDATE: The SIM card thickness is also applicable for Nano SIM slot.