Each year, millions of Americans forgo professional installations and support in order to do it themselves. Cost plays a major role in the decision, but many DIYers find inspiration from the idea of having completed a job from scratch with their own two hands. In fact, Psychology Today reports that DIY can provide such a […]

The iPhone 5 just released. One bad news may be that they gave up the Micro-SIM card and turn to a new Nano-SIM. This  change is made to reduce the thickness for iPhone5. But it also causes problem as you can’t use your Micro-SIM on iPhone5. How to solve this problem? Can we make a Nano-SIM […]

Engineers Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky developed a new commercial-quality PID controlled espresso machine. This new project raised more than $369,000 on KickStarter, which exceeds 16 times money what their supposed to raise. How could this Espresso Machine so popular? There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today.  But both of them have some shortage.

Have you ever bothered with bad Wi-Fi signal? Let’s teach you how to DIY a beer can Wi-Fi signal amplifier to solve this problem. Let’s go! STEP1: Get a aluminum beer can and wash it. Don’t tell me you don’t know how to get a beer can. Maybe you can find it in community dumpster. […]