Best Games to download from the Blackberry App World

Although most of us don’t use our Blackberry phones for purposes other than purely professional, there are wonderful games in the Blackberry world that lets you unwind. Just because we hardly ever play games on our Blackberry smartphone doesn’t mean there is a dearth of interesting games in the Blackberry App world.

Though Blackberry is considered synonymous to business there is an element of fun associated with it. It is understood that Blackberry is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of mobile games. Yet the entry of Blackberry App World brings games that are easy and entertaining. Here is a list of the best games you can download from the Blackberry App World

1. Pixelated

This game is a sure winner; getting you addicted to its puzzle based strategy. Bring your luck with you because winning this game requires deft hands and loads of good luck. The main aim of the game is to change all the colors of the square to a single color so that the block has a single solid color. Sounds simple? Well, it is not as simple to play. There’s a small catch. You should change the color of the block in as few moves as possible. If you are using default settings then you should make the change in as few as 21 moves. There are various difficulty levels and color schemes to make the game appeal to every single Blackberry user.

2. Fruit Slash

Fruit Slash is no Child’s play. This game let’s you slice your opponents to reach the very top of Juicy Ninjas. You should keep an eye on all the bombs that keep coming your way while unlocking achievements and treasures. There are 3 game modes to keep you hooked to your Blackberry; the Classic mode, the Zen mode and the very interesting Arcade mode. You can add bonus time, double your score and post high scores online.

3. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

It is time to drive away boredom. And what best way to do it than by downloading Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. It has world’s fastest cars whizzing past at amazing speeds giving you one of the best racing experiences. It will leave your adrenaline pumping and you will surely demand more breathtaking action. Pick your favorite car, drive in exotic locations and challenge your driving skill.

4. Bubble Birds

Shoot three same color bubble birds and get as many points as you can. Play smart and keep building your chain smartly. Bubble Birds is the perfect classic game induced with loads of exciting unique features. There is hours of fun and entertainment waiting for gamers of all ages.

5. Ka-Glom

Ka-Glom keeps you rooted to Blackberry screen as it is an adrenaline filled explosive game. When you connect 4 Ka-Gloms of the same color you start a chain reaction of explosions where all the connected blocks of that particular color are completely eliminated. Regardless of the mode you play, the classic, the time or the puzzle, pure entertainment is yours.

These entertaining games played on Blackberry handset will turn your boring lunch hour in to an exciting one. Just pop out your Blackberry phone when you are whiling away your time waiting for your train at the tube station and open entertainment that will leave you waiting for more.