Who is planning to buy iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is go on sale October 14th. While it makes many people disappointed when they didn’t see the redesign or larger screen, there are still many iPhone fans going to Apple Store to purchase. So, who is going to but a iPhone 4S? This post will show you a survey, based on people from United State, which will help you answer this question.

iPhone 4S potential users research

The result shows the biggest potential customers of iPhone4S should be those who have been using iPhone3G/3GS a long time other than those who uses iPhone4. However, they difference between these two group is very little, just 2 percent gap. www.itgeeg.com

iPhone 4S research

We can see Android users just take up 12% of who want to purchase a new iPhone 4S. There are 53% of potential buyers in this study don’t think it will be difficult to get however, with 18% saying they plan to camp out or wait in a long line to get on.

However, we don’t see Nokia users in this result. But we think most people who are using Nokia Symbian OS may be interested in the iPhone 4S. Apparently, iOS 5 hold much exciting features that will attract Symbian users. The biggest reason why a Nokia user don’t update to iPhone 4S should be the relatively high price.