Comparison: GALAXY Nexus VS iPhone 4S

GALAXY Nexus is seen as the biggest  competitor to iPhone 4S. So a compare between this two great cell phones comes naturally. As the Galaxy Nexus don’t available to customers, we will offer you a review about appearance, screen and photograph function.



Compared to iPhone 4S, GALAXY Nexus is much bigger. On the back side, 4S printed authentication text, Logo and a camera. Galaxy Nexus is also concise. It used a frosting plastic just printed Google and Samsung Logo. It also placed a camera and flashlight on the backside.


The two cell phone both used simple design on the side. But Galaxy Nexus have a arc while iPhone 4S is sharp.



Galaxy Nexus uses a 5.0 mega main camera. It seems worse than iPhone 4S’ 8.0 mega camera. This make us a little unexpected as Samsung always uses well camera. However, the front side camera of Galaxy Nexus is 1.3 mega, which is better than iPhone 4S’ 0.3 mega.


Samsung used a 1280*720p high revolution Super AMOLED screen. It will offer a better experience when playing games or watching pictures. Because of the screen size, iPhone 4S performs better than Nexus.