How to Create iPhone Apps With Flash CS5

Imagine you just know using flash but you developed a iPhone app rank #1 in Apple App Store. It can be truth.  The iPhone App developers get the authorize to develop apps with any tool as Apple relaxed restrictions on iPhone app developing tools. (Reference: It’s a real exciting news for flash developers. They are now easy to develop a iPhone app with Flash CS5 without learn ObjectiveC.

Create iPhone apps with flash CS5 is in fact the most effective and easiest way to make it to App store doing all the “legal stuff”.

Now, we are going to the point how to create iPhone apps in Flash CS5.

Create an iPhone OS project use Flash CS 5 template.

First, you need to download Adobe Flash Professional CS5. You can either buy it for $699 or get the free 30 day trial by clicking here.

Click on File then click on New. Select the option for iPhone OS and click OK.

Create the Flash Works

Now there should be a blank project for you to make your flash app. You can edit any effects you need to use in iPhone app here.

After finished, select “File>iPhone OS Settings” you will see this window alert:

Customize iPhone App Options

Here you can input some basic information for your iPhone app.

  • Output file: The output file name
  • App name: The title which will show in iPhone
  • Version: App Version
  • Aspect ratio: Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Full screen: Full screen or not, whether there will show iPhone status bar
  • Auto orientation: Whether
  • Rendering: Whether use GPU speed up
  • Include files: Add extra files, like xml data

Deploy Apple development parameters

Click on “Deployment”. For the “Certificate” box, browse for the .p12 file. This file should exported from Apple development account. In the “Password” box, input the password you get from apple developer account. The provisioning file is also get from Apple development account. Click “Publish” after entered App id and selected iPhone deployment type according to provisioning file.

The “Icon” tab is for users to edit App Icon.

According to different deployment type, you may need to wait different time. Wait patiently for couple of minutes. There will be no prompt when your publish succeed.

If you are not an official Apple developer, you will not be able to send apps to the App Store, but you can still send them to Cydia. If you are not an Apple developer, download this p12 certificate and unzip it.

Upload to Apple and test out it.

Now you should upload your app to apple for reviewing before it will be published in App Store.

Go into Cydia (you must have a jailbroken device, find out how to jailbreak here). Tap on Manage, Sources, Edit, Add. Type in Search AppSync and install it.

Drop the .IPA file into iTunes and let iTunes install the app onto your device.

Use WinSCP (Windows) or Cyberdunk (Mac) to copy the app folder to your computer. Zip it up and upload it so others may download it.

Two potential problems

Use Flash CS5 develop a iPhone app is practicable and easy. However, there are two potential problems.

1. Performance concern.

As the Flash can not handle all the work objC can do, there is a performance concern when you are using Flash CS5 create iPhone Apps.

2. File Size Concern

A simple flash may hold a huge disk space.

Anyway, developing apps need knowledge of programming, etc. In this fast changing  market,  learning to develop app for your start up business may risk you to lose the competition.  Then, you can try professional application development here.