Samsung Rumors: 6.3 inch Note in 2013, GS4 Need More Time

Feel tired of your 5.3 or 5.5 inch Galaxy Note? Soon, in next year, you will have bigger choice. Based on The Korea Times news, Samsung is developing 6.3 inch Galaxy Note III. And rumors had said this new flagship product will be released in 2013.

6.3 inch galaxy S 3

However, many people don’t think 6.3 inch mobile phone is not a good idea. If Samsung uses narrow frame just like Motorola RAZR M does, Samsung can easily extend Galaxy Note display to 5.8 inch. But it is still not enough for a 6.3 inch screen.

Just last week, rumors said Galaxy S IV will use Flexible AMOLED screen. But Samsung internal source told us flexible screen still need more time. But GS4 will uses 1080p screen. Since HTC released Droid DNA, 1080p has become a benchmark for other smartphone manufactures.


According to information from The Verge, GS 4 release time is not so sure to be released in next. At lease it will not release on MWC on February. The nearest possible is May next year. Samsung will choose a good date to release GS4. They also should consider to coordinate the face out date for their old products.