How to Set Google Maps as iOS 6 Default Map

MapsOpenerGoogle Maps is available on iOS 6 finally. Yet, there is one problem, iOS6 don’t allow user to set Google Maps as the default map. Each time you open a map connection, the iOS6 will open the Apple Maps. This is not so cool because you still need to use the bad Apple Maps in some occasion. How to solve this problem?

Jailbreak community has released new iOS 6 app, called MapsOpener, to help us. This small app allows users change the iOS 6 default map app to Google Maps.

After installed MapsOpener, this app will make your iOS 6 devices open map connections with Google Maps. This app will also show users the way. The only bug is that if you open a address from contact list, the system will still open it with Apple Maps.

While the MapsOpener has a small bug, it is very useful for those users who are adapted to Google Maps. You can download it from BigBoss repo in Cydia.