Cocoon Pillow: shields kids from polluted air and noise

Cocoon Pillow is designed for kids. It will shield your kids from polluted air and noise. It’s should be a great idea for those who lives under a noisy environment.

Cocoon uses new state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology to ensure your kids sleeping in quiet. This kids pillow also uses a soft material in a . It also have a HEPA  system to filter polluted air for your kids.  The clean air will benefit to your kids and let your baby have a healthier sleeping.

This Cocoon Baby Pillow has got many attention from medical institutions.  But some people also thinks there is no much demand to ensure a “silent” environment for baby during the night. The believe the baby in there mother’s uterus are also exposed to noise. They doubt the “too” silent area will weaken babies’ reaction to environment. However, supporter do think the Cocoon Pillow is a good product as it provides a peaceful and healthy sleep for kids.