How to unlock iPhone with new SAM Tool

SAM is a tool for unlock iPhone to let you use a new SIM card. Sam Bingner updated the iPhone jailbreak app: SAM these days. The new SAM tool simplified the unlock process. Let learn how to unlock iPhone with new SAM tool.

1. Add the source “” in Cydia. Download and install the new SAM tool on your iPhone. People who had installed SAM can click the “update” to update to the new SAM tool. The SAMPrefs will automatically installed to your iPhone at the same time.

2. Insert the unofficial SIM card which you are willing to use on your iPhone.

3. Run the SAMPrefs.

4. Click “Utilities”. Enter the “Activation Utilities” and click “Attempt Activation”

Then you will see the prompt “Please wait …. this may take a while”. After a while, your iPhone will restart automatically. It means you have unlocked your iPhone. Please backup your activation ticket by iFile or RedSnow.

The new SAM unlock supports modem firmware versions 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10.1, 4.11.08, 4.12.01 on iPhone 4 and all basebands (1.0.13, 1.0.14, 1.0.11) on iPhone 4S. Make sure you have jailbreaked your iPhone. You can refer to this article: How to jailbreak iPhone 4S/iPad 2 with Absinthe 


If you can’t see “Attempt Activation” after inserted SIM card, be patient. Or you can back to SAMPrefs default screen and click “Utilities” again.

Some iPhone users says they can’t unlock iPhone with a 19 letter ICCID. But the old SAM unlock process can help them to solve this problem.

If you see “Activation reports error: Activation lnfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.”, you should delete the “Lockdown” folder in /var/root/Library and com.bingner.sam.plist file in /User/Library/Preferences before use this tutorial. Backup these files anywhere before you delete it on your iPhone.