3D printing dental prosthesis eliminate 99% bacteria

3D printing technology, not only makes it easier to build things, it also makes it possible to product many new things when traditional manufacture process can not do. Thus, it push many field in a new revolution. This include the revolution in material.

Many people likes candy, especially kids or female adults. For kids, they don’t need worry too much, because they still have the solution. The can have a whole new tooth. But for those adults, it is another situation. You don’t get the chance to grow new tooth. So you need to be more careful when eating a lot candies. It’s better to control your habit and clean your teeth after taking sugar. However, many people didn’t take good look at their tooth. Thus why dentist becomes so important.3D printing dental prosthesis

When a tooth broken, the only solution is to plant a dental prosthesis. Generally, we can find resins, metal and ceramic tooth. But they are all not easy to build a dental prosthesis since each tooth is unique. We need some very complex solution to build a dental prosthesis.

When we look into 3D printing technology for help, the situation becomes simple. Just put the exact denture into the 3D printing system and it will help you build a great dental prosthesis. Also, you can choose some particular material to build the dental prosthesis. When you choose a right material, your denture will become anti-bacteria one.

This is a special resin. This material can eliminate about 99% bacteria but do no harm to human. It is not suitable for a dental prosthesis when it is before treatment. But if it melted and expose to ultraviolet light, it becomes a good material to make dental prosthesis. This brings a new problem, it need a specific mold for each one. However, with 3D printing technology, it becomes easy.

When turning to 3D technology, the cost for a dental prosthesis will decrease a lot and the quality can be good. This is a good news to us. However, if you want to protect your teeth, the better idea is to control your life style.