Accessories for your Oculus Rift

You just purchased your Oculus Rift. You envision the worlds you will see, the things you will do as you immerse yourself into this new world of virtual reality. And you do—you immerse yourself in this world and find that even your sky-high expectations have been met.oculus-rift-with-peripherals

And you want more.

Oh, there is more out there—a LOT more. Instinctively, you know this; you know that adding a couple of extra bells and whistles to your Oculus Rift would unlock even more of its immense potential. But what accessories and options should you look into to upgrade your Oculus? Here are four that will tap into that potential.

Third sensor

Adding a third sensor to the two you received allows the user to create a room scale VR setup. Placing the two you received on either side of your computer and the third directly behind you (which triangulates the sensors providing a true immersion experience as you can get up and move about) creates a true VR feel. Note that you do need an additional port for the extra sensor.

Extensions for your cords

Adding an additional HDMI or USB cable extension is really worth the investment. The original cord lengths are just enough to let you move about, but they really do constrict your ability to move in an intense VR session. Adding some cord flexibility to your headset is a good idea.

Monoprice sells a 10 foot premium HDMI cord extension that runs for less than $15. Rated as ‘high speed HDMI’, it provides the extension you need at a price you can afford. These cords were especially praised by Oculus users: “Where other extension cables failed, this succeeded”, and “100% works with the Oculus Rift”.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to extend your range of motion, this is the cord that lets you do that with your Oculus Rift. Even better? It won’t break the bank in doing so and outperforms many other more expensive cords.

Headset cover

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of taking a chemistry lab, you know how your goggles fog up and sweat as you titrate or weigh things. Amp that up a notch when you’re heavily engaged in a gaming VR session and you have a recipe for headset disaster.

Luckily, you can purchase a VR headset cover that protects the padding and keeps you from sweating too much during an intense VR session. Even if you do, these all-cotton covers are machine washable. Furthermore, for a modest investment ($20), you get two covers which ensure that you always have one ‘at the ready’ should one succumb to an intense session. Basic package includes two covers and a microfiber lens cloth.

Oculus Touch

Saving the best for last, the Oculus Touch is THE one accessory you need for your Rift. The Touch brings your hands into VR in a most natural way, that your hands in the VR world are actually your own. You can manipulate anything in the virtual world using these devices. Shoot a gun, precisely maneuver a tool, give a thumbs up or play a game with an opponent in the virtual world.

The possibilities are virtually limitless, which is why THIS is the one must have accessory for your Oculus Rift. Of almost 400 reviews on Amazon, the Touch has an astonishing 89% five star rating (4.7 of 5). Roget’s Thesaurus doesn’t have enough superlative adjectives to describe it properly.

These four accessories will catapult your Oculus Rift VR experience to another level. Combine all four and you’ll have a hard time coming back to ‘actual reality’.