Windows Live Messenger for Android Review

Though there are many great Live Messenger clients, like MSN Talk, for Android. However, the official Windows Live Messenger, for the reason of support most PC client’s function, is still the best choice for Android to contact with MSN friends.

Test Platform: HTC Desire (Android Froyo 2.2.1; OpenDesire 4.0.32; CPU 768MHz)


  • Support most PC client’s function (insert expression, transfer data )
  • Support camera function and send pictures immediately
  • MSN Browser added
  • Can be installed on SD card (app2SD, Android 2.2)

Review Detail:

1. Start page interface

The UI style is much like PC client. It also used a bright color. It will show a icon on the task bar after started.
Windows live messenger for android start page

2. Login page

Users can call the “power saving mode”, “access point setting” and “Register Windows Live account” by click the “menu” button. It will show a banner ad when logining. Just one account is supported.

3. Contacts list

It’s very like the style in PC client. Contacts list is show by group. But the space between two group is relatively limited. Click the “menu” button and you can category all contact by your criteria. Click the arrow on right can let you see details or delete contact. But the contacts list can not let you edit or delete contact groups.
Windows live messenger for android contact list

4. Chat interface

You can use expressions in it or send and receive photos and other files. You can also start group chat.


5. MSN Browser

This browser can just support browsing the MSN website. You can use zoom function. The connect speed is high but just support text, hyperlink and pictures. The page seems roughly.

After all, the biggest problem of Windows Live Messenger for Android is that you can not open Hotmail preview. And it won’t alert you new emails in Hotmail. The often showing banner ad is also a shortcoming.

Download : Windows Live Messenger for Android  here.