NCR Silver: Another Solution Makes iPad Work for Your Business

The iPad has proved itself to be a good business tool. With rich apps and accessaries developed for business, the iPad can helps entrepreneur do most of their day-to-day business tasks and make the process a bit more fun.  Now, I’d like to talk about the NCR Silver for business.

NCR is not only a iPad app, it is actually whole business solution for iOS devices. The full package includes iPad app: NCR Silver, Credit Card Reader, NCR Silver Scanner, 16” Cash Drawer and Thermal Receipt Printer. All these hardware options are intent to make their solution more powerful and simple. With all these great service, NCR Silver is not only the iPad cash register.

You are offered real time access to your data. You can keep track of your sales, profitability and customers. It show your all data in well arranged which makes it easier for you to analysis your data. This app will also analysis data to suggest what you should know.

The NCR Silver also keep you connect to your customers anytime from anywhere. It will helps target your customers. For grow your relationships with your customers, the NCR Silver will automatically send a message to those customers who haven’t visited in a while and surprise them with a special offer customized just for them.

You can handle orders online with NCR Silver Mobile. No matter where your business takes you NCR Silver will go too.

 For all these great features, you are offered an easy solution to grow you business. What’s more, you can now get started today with a 30-day, no obligation free trial. Don’t hesitate to waste this free trial!