A new iPad or iPad mini does not come cheap, so it’s important to protect these tablets with a quality carrying case. Inexpensive cases provide very little protection from the elements or the hard ground, while a good quality leather case can protect your iPad while enhancing its appearance. Leather and waxed cotton are both […]

If you have used an iPad, you know firsthand the pains of its size. I remember when I first held an iPad Mini. I put it right into my back pocket, and it fit perfectly. The reason this struck such a chord with me is that I felt that I could finally have the portability […]

The iPad is really a revolutionary product and changed the world a lot. However, since Steve has left Apple, we see the new iPad mini without much exciting. Newcomers to the iPad will not be impressed by this product, and existing iPad owners will be underwhelmed.  There are at least 5 reason you should not buy iPad mini. […]

EX Player HD is a pretty great iPad app by Zhigang Chen, which is easy to navigate streams, well supported most audio/video formats from your NAS server/Windows sharing file server/FTP server/UPnP(DLNA)Media server/WebDAV server/CloudMe. How It Works: Comparing to other video players this app has advanced technology of sharing or transferring the files from any kind […]

iPhone 5 has finally released. The next product maybe the iPad mini. Now, we have got leaked iPad mini model pictures from Foxconn. From the leaked pictures, we see the model is smaller than 9.7 inch iPad. We can hold it by one hand. So this should be the 7.85 inch iPad mini. From the leaked pictures, […]

As another school year begins and students start their back-to-school errands and activities, one of the questions on their mind is whether or not to get traditional bound textbooks, or to go digital—to follow the new trend of purchasing or renting “e-textbooks” on a tablet or e-reader.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-textbooks, […]

When your iPad front panel breaks after the warranty has expired, what to do? Then you need to read this tutorial to learn how to fix it by yourself. ( Apply to iPad 2 or the new iPad. ) Preparation 1. Learn general precautions for fixing smartphone or tablet. These knowledge will help you make a […]

More and more mobile devices let many people to work without desk computer or notebook. However, some software can not run on mobile platform. For this reason, it causes problem when users switching between desk devices and mobile devices. Can we get a solution to solve this problem? The cloud-based InstallFree is trying to solve […]

If rumors could create something, we’d all have our hands on the Apple iPad mini by now! The mills have been grinding for so long that the world is hot with anticipation for the small sized treat from Apple. It makes sense for Apple to think of creating smaller that packs in all the technology […]

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that the official Windows 8 launch date on the 26th October 2012, but avoided to give out any information on the long awaited Surface official launch date. Microsoft’s first Tablet is aiming to dethrone the iPad. There will clearly be a huge battle between the two companies, but Microsoft is […]