Connect all servers through eXPlayer HD video player app

EX Player HD is a pretty great iPad app by Zhigang Chen, which is easy to navigate streams, well supported most audio/video formats from your NAS server/Windows sharing file server/FTP server/UPnP(DLNA)Media server/WebDAV server/CloudMe.

How It Works:

Comparing to other video players this app has advanced technology of sharing or transferring the files from any kind of servers. And also it can transfer files via USB cable by iTunes, has the special WiFi drive and an online stream option. Look at this below pic for home page

How to use the app:

Once the app gets downloaded, you might have some confusion for the navigation process. To make it easier check out the tutorial video and a document which is given by the developer in the local files, then the usage and the navigation process would be fine. After that click on the server list and add the needed server then try to fill out the account credentials for the particular server, it automatically gets connected to the player. There is a download option, which allows you to transfer/share/play the server files to your local file.

Special features:

*Mount as a network drive in Windows/Mac OS X
*Has the pass-code lock for the server file privacy
*play most audio/video formats
*Guest login for SMB/CIFS connection
*Can access mac files iexplorer tool
*Has the code rights from ffmpeg
*Search files on NAS/FTP/Web DAV server
*Pretty easy to navigate

It supports the Dolby HD/DTS audio formats with the HDMI,TV out put and streams Http files.

Supports srt/ssa/ass subtitle files and 720pixel


When updating the version, the app not able to connect some of the servers in the list.

Things to improve:

Need some improvements on tutorial design and online video stream as it restrict in some part of the app.

Price and other details:

App Price $4.99

App Updated version: 3.1

App size: 15.2 MB

App Store link >>

There is also an iPhone version for this app cost $2.99, you would find less amount but doesn’t have the advanced features like iPad version.