10 Rumours on iPad 3 Release

Though the iPad 2 have just released no more than 4 month, there are many rumours on iPad release schedule. Now I’m happy to discuss 10 hot rumours with you.

iPad 3 will release with iPhone 5 in autumn (possibility ★)

It is unbelievable! DigiTimes reported that Taiwan’s suppliers are now producing components for iPhone5 and iPad3. iPhone 5 is believed to be released on September. But we doubt Apple won’t release a new IPAD just 6 months after iPad2 published .

iPad 3 will be released on this Christmas?(possibility ★)

Some analysers think Apple will release iPad 3 on this Christmas. But I can’t agree with them. In my opinion, Apple won’t release iPad 2 before 2012. The most possible release time should be spring of 2012. It is Apple’s habit to release a new product in spring.

iPad 3 will use A6 CPU (possibility ★★★)

iPad 3 will use a faster CPU is a reliable speculation. iPad 2 is now using A5 CPU. But there are 4 core CPU Android tablet PC coming. This news will makes Apple use a more powerful CPU on its new iPad3.

iPad 3 will support 4G? (possibility ★★)

Apple’s stategy on 4G develop is confusing. It seems they are not willing to support 4G. The concerns about its power consumption may be the reason. But iPad’s power can last long time. So we have the confidence to see iPad will carry 4G function. The 4G network should be LTE network run by Verizon or AT&T.

iPad 3 dimensions 7 inch(possibility ★)

Jobs once said he can’t believe a 7 inch tablet PC will success. But there are many successful 7 inch Android tablet PCs. So some analysors think iPad3 will also be 7 inch. I think Jobs won’t deviate his own thinking because 7 inch Android PCs have never threatened iPad.

iPad 3 will use Retina screen?(possibility ★ )

Thought there are rumours say iPad3 will use higher resolution  screen, I still think Apple won’t pay so many money to use the Retina screen used on iPhone4. iPad need bigger screen. This will makes the Retina screen too expensive.

3D Screen without wearing glasses (possibility 0)

Though Nintendo’s 3DS can display 3D effect without wearing 3D glasses, the technology is far from perfect. The 3D effect will consume too much power. There will be no possibility a iPad3 adopt a 3D screen.

More choices on disk volume (possibility ★)

Remember the iCloud? Apple released this powerful solution to solve disk limit problem. Users can upload all their files to iCloud. So I think Apple will push more user to use the iCloud other than upgrade the hardware.

Thinner design (possibility ★★★★★)

This is a very popular rumour. Apple will keep on making iPad thinner and lighter. We can wait for the iPhone 5 to see our estimate.

The same price with iPad2 (possibility ★★★★)

The acceptable price is one of the secret makes iPad so popular. It’s not a wise idea to increase their price.